“Millennial Medicine: Knowledge Design for an Age of Digital Disruption,” at Rice University on April 26, 2013

Kirsten Ostherr and Bryan Vartabedian, “Welcome and Introductory Remarks”

Eric Topol, “Digitizing Human Beings”

Marc Triola, “Can Medical Education Become a Learning Ecosystem?”

Yuri Millo, “The Future of Continuing Medical Education: Can We Keep Up with Exponential Growth in Medical Knowledge?”

Anne Balsamo, “Ten Lessons About Technoculture Innovation for Medicine”

Jay Baruch, “Story-centric: Curiosity, A Glass of Water, and Other Creative Tools for Future Doctors”

Alexa Miller, “The Art Practicum: Clinical Skills for the Digital Age”

Greg Matthews, “#FOAMed vs. #MedEd: Online Conversation Trends”

Fred Trotter, “Hacking Medical Education”

Rich Baraniuk, “Open Source Medicine”

Louise Aronson, “Public Medical Communication: A New Core Competency for 21st Century Health Professionals”

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